Poems online

“Affirmation,” published in Canadian Literature 241.

“On the Familiar Little Flower, Forget-Me-Not” by Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg, co-translated with Sally Ito and Sarah Klassen, published in Rupert’s Land News, September 2020.

Three poems published in McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry, Volume 20.

“Getaway” and “Chance,” published in Juniper, Volume 2, Issue 3.

“The night before the pageant,” published in Rupert’s Land News, December 2018.

Four poems published in Lemon Hound, part of the New Winnipeg Poets folio posted in April 2015.

“Overhead” and “The lost one,” published in The Light Ekphrastic, Issue 14 (May 2013).

“Varieties of ice in spring,” published on the League of Canadian Poets’ blog for National Poetry Month 2013.

Three poems published in Curio Poetry, Issue 6 (May 2012).